VIDEO REPORT: How easy is it to buy legal highs online?

Tomorrow’s Derbyshire Times leads with news on the tragic death of talented young musician Aidan Karpenko – who lost his life after taking one pill ordered online to cure his anxiety.

By Michael Broomhead
Thursday, 27th November 2014, 10:45 am

Aidan, 19, of Chesterfield Road, Holmewood, was found dead hours after childhood friend Jamie Stone gave him a single Etizolam pill he had bought on the internet.

Etizolam is used as a medicine in Japan and India to treat anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks. The drug is not licensed as a medicine in the UK – although it is not classed as an illegal substance.

Chesterfield-based drugs support group Spoda has sounded a warning about the dangers of Etizolam and other psychoactive substances – otherwise known as ‘legal highs’.

Click play on the above video to watch a video report by the Derbyshire Times on how shockingly easy it is to order these devastating drugs online.