VIDEO: Raid on Doncaster Town Centre Jewellers

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Shoppers had to jump out of the way this morning as armed jewel robbers made their getaway through Doncaster Market.

They had just snatched thousands of pounds worth of gold jewellery from Gary French’s shop on Clock Corner.

The getaway car used in the robbery at G French Jewellers in Doncaster town centre.

The getaway car used in the robbery at G French Jewellers in Doncaster town centre.

It is believed at least three masked men were in the silver Mercedes saloon which then forced its way along Baxter Gate, into the Market Place, then on to High Fisher Gate and the wrong down the Church Way dual carriageway to get across St George’s Bridge.

It is believed an unmarked police car in the Market Place gave chase.

Greengrocer Peter Clarkson said: “I just heard this car pip, pipping and could see people were jumping out the eay. Then it got to the corner and was held up by some vans.

“It wasn’t going very fast because there were so many people about. I think there were four in the car, all with black stockings on their heads.”

Bystander, Jeanette Sugden, who works in a nearby shop was on a break when she saw the daring daylight raid take place.

“A silver Mercedes with two men in the front and one in the back, all wearing hoodies so I couldn’t see their faces, pulled up and the two men got out out of the front.

“They had long black things in their hands they could have been guns or swords, I couldn’t tell.

“They weren’t in the shop long at all, just two or three minutes and then they came out got into the Mercedes which headed off towards the Market Place.”

Staff at French’s refused to comment but tow of their windows had been almost emptied of jewellery.

Police arrived and spoke to several witnesses who had been sitting outside the Caffe Italia enjoying drinks in the sunshine, some of whom witnessed the raid.