VIDEO: "Rag and bone" man spotted pulling huge haul of scrap - on a mobility scooter

A South Yorkshire "rag and bone" man has been filmed towing a huge haul of scrap metal and wood - on the back of a mobility scooter.

Friday, 6th May 2016, 3:59 pm
Updated Friday, 6th May 2016, 4:01 pm
A clip from Danny Addy's YouTube video of a man pulling a huge haul of junk through Barnsley on a mobility scooter. (Photo: Danny Addy).

WARNING: Video contains strong language

The bizarre sight was spotted in the middle of Barnsley yesterday by drinkers at a town centre pub who captured the unlikely scene on video.

In the clip, a man on a mobility scooter can be seen slowly trundling along Pitt Street - one of the town's main roads - pulling a trailer piled high with scrap metal and wood.

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Regulars at The Portcullis bar can been watching the driver gently pulling his haul while motorists pass the man whose collection includes an old chair, strapped to the back of the trailer.

At the end of the ten second clip, a man can be heard off camera remarking: "F****** unbelievable."

The clip, uploaded to video sharing website YouTube is entitled "Rag n bone in barno" - but it is not clear if the man shown actually is a rag and bone man.

Filmed by Facebook user, Danny Addy, the clip has gone viral after he shared it to his wall.

With the message: "Just wow. Share peeps", the clip has already been shared nearly 700 times.