VIDEO: Police intervene as two men fight on the pavement on the Wicker

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Police were forced to intervene as two men rolled around on the ground scrapping on the Wicker.

The two men were fighting at about 11.45pm on the Wicker near Savile Street when passers-by noticed the scrap.

Police on the Wicker

Police on the Wicker

A witness who was passing the scene said: "I was driving up the road and heard a taxi beeping its horn. I wasn't sure why until I looked to my right and saw two men rolling around on the floor.

"Luckily there was a police car in the lane beside me, so I pulled forward a little and tried to gesture at them, all the while the taxi kept beeping and cars began to idle next to the fight.

"The police car put its lights and sirens on and quickly pulled across the lanes and pulled up alongside the two men.

"When I came back a few minutes later, three police cars including a police van were parked up on the scene."

Police on the Wicker

Police on the Wicker

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said officers were called to reports of two men fighting on the street at about 11.45pm on Tuesday night, but said that 'no offences were committed'.

The spokesman said: "No offences committed – two friends who have had a bit of a disagreement."