VIDEO: Passenger plane filmed "hitting" seagull and balloons as it lands at Doncaster's Robin Hood Airport

A passenger plane has been filmed apparently colliding with a seagull and balloons as it came in to land at Doncaster's Robin Hood Airport.

Monday, 23rd January 2017, 1:16 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd January 2017, 1:27 pm
The plane is filmed coming in to land at Robin Hood Airport. (Photo: YouTube).

The footage, uploaded to video sharing website YouTube, shows the Thomson 737 coming in to land - and a pilot can be heard telling the control tower: "We've probably hit a bird on touchdown and some balloons have gone across - might have hit them as well."

It is not clear when the clip was filmed by the aircraft enthusiast from the end of the airport's runway - although the footage was uploaded to the web at the weekend.

The flight lands at Robin Hood in a cloud of smoke. (Photo: YouTube).

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The flight, with the call sign TOM 7466, is shown roaring above High Common Lane. the road running along the end of the runway near Austerfield and passing over the airport's perimeter fence.

The blue and white aircraft can then be seen touching down in clouds of tyre smoke with the enthusiast, SpeedBird345, recording the inflight conversation between the pilot and the control tower.

The pilot can be heard announcing: "We've probably hit a bird, seagull, on touchdown. And some balloons have gone across, left to right, might have hit them as well."

The control tower is heard responding: "OK thanks, we'll send somebody out."

The flight lands at Robin Hood in a cloud of smoke. (Photo: YouTube).

The weather conditions at the time the clip, entitled "Thomson 737 (TOM7466) BIRD STRIKE At Doncaster" was filmed appear to be dry and clear in the clip.

It is not thought any passengers were at risk during the incident or whether the aircraft sustained any serious damage.

The 51-second clip has already been viewed more than 200 times.