VIDEO: Oh deer! Distressed doe rescued from Sheffield brook

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Brave firefighters waded in to rescue a distressed deer that had been swept down a Sheffield brook.

The rescue of the female Muntjac deer took place this afternoon from the Porter Brook, off Stalker Place, Sharrow.

The deer is removed from the water

The deer is removed from the water

A team of around 17 firefighters spent around two hours capturing the doe before bringing her to safety and releasing her.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service were called out for assistance by the RSPCA after the deer was spotted in the water.

The animal was running about in a frantic state as it struggled to escape from the brook.

Incident commander Cath Toovey, station manager for Aston Park, said: “Porter Brook is usually a calm stream but with the rain we have had recently it was treacherous underfoot and fast-flowing.

The deer is released after its rescue

The deer is released after its rescue

“It must have gone in further upstream and been swept down. On each side were 15ft brick walls so there was no way out for it.

“If we couldn’t have got it out, the RSPCA would have had to have shot it.”

Specially trained firefighters carried out the rescue, as teams from Central, Rivelin, Aston Park and Edlington stations all attended the incident to help out.

After getting the animal under control, its head was covered with a sheet to help calm it down.

The doe was carried up a ladder and was released to find its way home after being checked by an RSPCA representative.

Station Manager Toovey said it had been a successful - if rather unusual - rescue for the firefighters.

“It was very well done. We had a couple of ideas of how to do it but it went well,” she said.

She managed to capture some of the rescue on video as she helped manage the rescue attempt.