VIDEO: Natalie Bennett joins march against austerity in Sheffield

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Hundreds of protesters gathered on Devonshire Green in the city centre to march against austerity and the conservative government.

Natalie Bennett leader of the Green Party travelled to Sheffield to take part in the rally.

She told the Star: “Its really 
important to be here today because around the country we are seeing a huge uprising of activism.

“There’s a lot of people who are saying we’re not going to depressed by the election 
result, we are going to get out there and get on the streets and say we need a different kind of politics, we need a different kind of economics.

“We need a society that works for the common good not just for the few and its great to see around the country, this kind of energy and enthusiasm and determination to do politics rather than just have it done to them.”

Sheffield Uncut and unions such as Unite, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition and the groups like People’s Assembly took part.

Protester Philip Loutsis, 34, who joined the march after seeing it advertised online said that although he would be financially better off under the Conservatives he is against the privatisation of the NHS and cuts to disability allowances.

He said “society in general would be better off without the Tories.”

Crowds walked through the city centre and then gathered outside the Town Hall to listen to speakers including Natalie Bennett.

Joe Rollin, from Unite said: These protests aren’t just happening in Sheffield, they are happening all over the country. They kicked off in Bristol and there’s some in Manchester and Leeds next week.

“We are trying to build a movement of all the small campaigns to create a coalition and over the next five years to fight together.”