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Flying fairies, talking aliens and dancing dolls have all topped a list of ‘must-have’ toys, predicted to appear on every child’s wish list this Christmas.

With the big day less than seven weeks away, the Toy Retailers Association has unveiled its list of top 10 festive Dream Toys.

The 2013 Must Have Toys at Meadowhall. Maddie, nine and Theo Wilks, five got to test some of the toys.

The 2013 Must Have Toys at Meadowhall. Maddie, nine and Theo Wilks, five got to test some of the toys.

The toys and games went on show at Meadowhall, where youngsters were given the chance to test them for themselves before choosing which ones they will be asking Santa for.

Meadowhall centre director Darren Pearce said: “This year’s list is an interesting mixture of gifts, from the very traditional – such as the Lego and the Monopoly board – to the hi-tech, such as the electronic tablet.

“We always see plenty of technology on the Christmas list and I think that’s just the nature of how toys are evolving.

“My personal favourites include the Lego, which I’ll be buying for my son, and the flying fairy which has been floating all over the Oasis today and now that I’ve seen it in action I’m definitely going to be getting one for my daughter.”

The list also includes returning favourite the Nerf-N-Strike gun, popular newcomer the Robofish and a Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag Playset.

Nine-year-old Maddie Wilkes, of Sheffield, said: “I’ve been playing with the Furby and the Robofish, they’re my favourite.

“I really love the Robofish, if you look under the water the fish looks really big and swims like a real fish.

“The Furby talks a lot, it’s really noisy but really fun and, on the advert, it says you can link it to your iPad. I’d like to try that.

“I really hope I get some Robofish and the Furby for Christmas.”

Maddie’s five-year-old brother Theo said: “My favourite is the tablet, I’ve been colouring on it, but you can play games too.

“I’d really like the Nerf gun for Christmas so I can shoot the pellets at my sister Maddie.”

Dan Barker, for the Toy Retailers Association, said: “Our main goal is to make sure that parents are steered in the right direction at Christmas.

“It’s not about telling them what to buy, it’s about telling them what’s going to be in stores, what’s going to be heavily advertised and what their children are likely to be wanting.

“It’s the kids that ultimately form this list, which is why it’s great to see them here today trying everything out.”

The list has already sparked a festive shopping war among toy retailers, all eager to offer shoppers the best value.

Prices are varying greatly among retailers, including Amazon, Tesco, Asda and Toy ‘R’ Us, with Smyths Toys Superstores currently coming out on top for festive value.

Dryden Geary, marketing manager for Smyths Toys Superstores, said: “The 2013 Dream Toys list offers a fantastic set of toys that children up and down the country will be eager to unwrap this Christmas. ”