VIDEO: Mean moggy given ASBO in South Yorkshire

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A fearsome feline has been slapped with an ASBO after ‘terrorising’ his neighbourhood.

Menacing moggy Rocky has landed owner Samantha Davies in the doghouse. The cat is alleged to have bitten people, damaged property, intimidated people by entering their homes and refusing to leave – and injuring other pet cats in scuffles.

Samantha Davies with Rocky the cat of Rotherham

Samantha Davies with Rocky the cat of Rotherham

Samantha, aged 35, received a letter from Rotherham Council with the heading ‘Anti-Social Behaviour’ stating ‘several complaints’ had been received about four-year-old Rocky causing ‘alarm’.

Samantha was told her pet must not leave her garden again.

“Should further complaints be received about you will be charged for the repairs,” the letter stated.

Samantha said: “It’s just like an animal ASBO. But how can a cat behave anti-socially? I’ve heard of people being told to keep their dog under control, never a cat.”

Rocky the cat

Rocky the cat

Council officials said they had received one formal and two verbal complaints from residents on The Lanes in East Dene.

And many neighbours spoke of run-ins with Rocky.

One said: “Rocky has bitten me on numerous occasions. Once he came into my house through an upstairs window and started terrorising my dog. When I tried to get him out the house he bit me extremely hard.”

Next door neighbour David Willoughby, 65, said: “He bit me once, but that was because he got stuck and was frightened. Sam was very apologetic.

“He’s not a bad cat really. I certainly didn’t make a complaint about him.”

Paul Walsh, housing manager for Rotherham Council, denied being heavy-handed.

“We do appreciate it is very difficult to control a cat once they are let out but Rocky has been causing problems for quite a while and is actually terrifying some local residents. He certainly does not like being challenged - and lives up to his boxing namesake.”