VIDEO: March to save NHS calls at Sheffield

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Former doctors, patients and politicians united to ‘save the NHS’ as part of a 300-mile protest march calling at Sheffield.

Protesters vowed to fight to save the NHS from privatisation as a national 300-mile march continued through Sheffield today.

NHS March from Sheffield Town Hall

NHS March from Sheffield Town Hall

The 999 march for the NHS, which is crossing the country to highlight how the health service is being affected by privatisation, arrived on Monday and left the city today.

Protesters sang and danced outside Sheffield Town Hall before walking to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and then towards Chesterfield.

Former GP and grandmother Sheila Abdullah, of Oughtibridge, said: “If this goes on we shall lose the NHS because that is the agenda of the Government.

“I do worry for my grandchildren - what is going to be left?”

Speakers included campaigners from Sheffield Save The NHS and politicians who praised the organisers, a group of Darlington mums.

Sheffield Council leader Julie Dore spoke of how her son had ended up in intensive care in Blackpool with a respiratiry condition in 1994.

It took five days to determine which trust would pay to get the two-year-old transported to Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Coun Dore said: “The economy is important, jobs are important, my house is, my car was. But I would have give every single one of them up.

“I begged I would sell my house, give up my job and sold my car. I would have given up holidays for the next 30 years to get my child back to one of the best sick children’s hospitals in the country.”