VIDEO: Man perished in lifelong home

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The man killed in a blaze in Sheffield perished in the house in which he was born, his heartbroken relatives told The Star today.

Richard Hobson, who was in his 60s, died when flames ripped through the semi-detached house he shared with his sister Anne and their 88-year-old mum, Kathleen.

Richard Hobson who died in house fire on Poplar Avenue in Beighton

Richard Hobson who died in house fire on Poplar Avenue in Beighton

Today it emerged Kathleen had lived in the house on Poplar Avenue, Beighton, for over 60 years, and gave birth to all her children there.

She and Anne are now homeless after their semi was ravaged by flames while Richard lay asleep upstairs in his bedroom, engulfed in thick black smoke.

Richard’s niece, Louise Edwards, said the family had been left ‘shocked, traumatised, emotional and horrified’ by the fatal house fire.

Her grandmother and aunt, who rented their home, have been offered emergency temporary accommodation in a bed and breakfast, but relatives are desperate for them to be found another home in Beighton, where they have both lived all their lives.

“Not only have they lost a beloved son and brother, they have lost their home, and absolutely everything they owned,” the 33-year-old said.

“We don’t even know if they were insured because if they were all their paperwork and documents have burnt.

“They are both traumatised, especially my grandma who is elderly and frail. She is in total shock.

“They are staying with relatives at the moment but we are trying all we can to find them somewhere permanent in the village because they have been through enough without having to move miles away.”

Richard, who worked as a forklift truck driver at Arnold Laver, had gone for a lie down after a shift at work when fire broke out as he slept.

His terrified mum was unable to get past the flames she discovered raging at the bottom of the stairs.

She used a clothes prop to bang on his bedroom window from the garden, but to no avail.

Neighbours tried to fight the fire, but were beaten back by intense heat and smoke.