VIDEO: Man injured in Rotherham garage explosion

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A man was taken to hospital with burns after being injured in a blaze at his garage in Rotherham.

He was working in his car repair garage on Station Road, Masbrough, when a fire broke out at 7.20am yesterday.

Fire on Station Road in Rotherham.

Fire on Station Road in Rotherham.

A cylinder exploded in the blaze, leading to police officers sealing off the garage and evacuating residents from nearby homes as a precaution.

Neighbouring business were also evacuated.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch video report at the scene

The garage owner was injured trying to prevent the flames from spreading.

Firefighters said the force of the gas canister explosion damaged the wall of the garage, which was left with a hole in it.

Group manager Ade Robinson, of South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, said the garage owner and his son were burning rubbish in an oil drum when the heat ignited remnants of oil, petrol and diesel on the garage floor.

“The owner of the garage and his son burn rubbish in the oil drum every single day and it appears that the heat from Friday’s fire ignited oil, diesel and petrol which has spilled onto the garage floor over the 50 years or so,” he said.

“The fire spread across the garage floor to where some acetylene cylinders were and one of them exploded.

“It punched a hole in the garage wall, which will need re-built because of the extent of the damage.

“The injured man had been trying to stop the spread of the fire when he suffered burns.

“This could have been a much more serious incident and a warning for garages everywhere.”

The fire led to a number of road closures in the area and at the height of the incident there were four fire engines at the scene and Rotherham’s District Commander, Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin, urged motorists to ‘avoid the area’.

He used Twitter to inform residents of the blaze.

The incident caused chaos for commuters with the Centenary Way one of the roads closed while emergency services were dealing with the blaze.

One woman living on nearby St Bede’s Road said she heard a loud bang early in the morning.

“You can’t see the garage from where I live, so I didn’t know about the fire straight away,” she said.

“I heard sirens but we’re near the main road so I hear them quite often.”