VIDEO: Man crèche is big draw for worn-out shoppers

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Christmas shopping can certainly be a painful business.

Wrestling crowds, standing in queues and agonising over whether your dad would prefer socks or a tie.

Steelers players Andy Jaszczyk and Marc LeFebvre with 'creche' visitor Josh Foulstone (centre)

Steelers players Andy Jaszczyk and Marc LeFebvre with 'creche' visitor Josh Foulstone (centre)

After a recent study – which found men have a shopping attention span of just 26 minutes – Meadowhall bosses dreamed up a novel solution to ease the shopping burden this Christmas.

Introducing: The Man Crèche.

For one day only, the ‘husband hangout’ at Krispy Kreme offered hot drinks, donuts and Lego to keep the men occupied, giving women the chance to actually get some work done.

Mark Kalinowski, store manager, said: “It may be sexist, but there’s no denying men are usually the ones letting the side down when it comes to lengthy shopping trips, so the idea just made sense to us.

“We did something similar on Father’s Day and it was really popular so Meadowhall were keen for us to bring it back again for Christmas.

“You drop your men in, let us keep them happy and entertained and it gives you ladies a breather – although it does mean you’re left carrying your own bags.”

To sweeten the deal Sheffield Steelers players called in to hang out and have pictures taken with fans.

Steelers players Andy Jaszczyk, aged 24, from Rotherham, said: “We’re here to chill out with these guys and give them a well-deserved break.

“I’m one of those guys who finds shopping really painful, so I can sympathise.”

Mark added: “We’ve had lots of people coming through the crèche today – and we’ve some intruders too.

“The women have been coming in for a cuppa and a sit down too and have been flocking to have their pictures taken with their favourite players.”

Scott Barraclough, aged 36, of Wincobank, was shopping with wife Emma and their two daughters.

He said: “I can normally keep up pretty well with Emma when we’re shopping, but I definitely have a ceiling and once I hit it, I just have to get out – I think this crèche is a great idea.”

Meadowhall’s event manager Alex Caley said: “Our Man Crèche presents a haven for men.”