VIDEO: Lemurs Humbug and Tink give birth to twins at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Award winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park is celebrating the birth of ring tailed lemur twins '“ who are now out and about in their reserve ready for a fun packed Tour de Yorkshire weekend.

Thursday, 28th April 2016, 5:17 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th May 2016, 3:12 pm
Lemurs at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

The newest additions to the troop of lemurs are mesmerising visitors with their playful activities as they settle into family life in Lemur Woods with their mother Humbug and their father Tink.

The two babies were born on Good Friday at 11am and after a first few weeks spent clinging closely to their mum and are now climbing all over her and getting up to mischief with their big brothers and sisters. The baby Lemurs have not yet got names as their sexes still aren’t known.

Click here to see video of the new twinsMeanwhile, the innovative park is preparing for a busy May bank holiday weekend.

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On Saturday both the women’s race as well as stage 2 of the mixed race will pass along the A638 Bawtry Road passing close to YWP.

CEO John Minion said: “We know there will be big crowds coming into the area, especially on Saturday so we’re expecting a busy and eventful weekend at the park as people look for something to do in between the two big races of the Tour de Yorkshire.

“We are hoping to see a lot of new visitors who can enjoy our walk-through safari experience for the first time and learn about all our conservation efforts.”

YWP is home to some of the most endangered and beautiful species in the world, including Amur Tigers, Leopards, Giraffes, Lions, African hunting dogs amongst other animals.

The country’s only polar bears live In the ten acre Project Polar Reserve and the four bears can be watched playing, swimming in the lakes and roaming in the area that was built to reflect the Arctic summer conditions

Another favourite with visitors are the critically endangered Amur tigers of which there are only less than 500 are left on the planet. The tigers Vladimir, Sayan, Tschuna and youngsters Harley, Hector and Hope, who recently celebrated their first birthday, can be observed in what is one of the biggest tiger reserves across Europe. The three young tigers have an important role to play in the European breeding programme for their endangered species.

Close by are the Amur Leopards in Leopard Heights, a reserve which brings visitors face to face with the endangered species from a tower viewing area level with the high climbing frame that the leopards enjoy or from ground level through glass viewing. Leopard Heights won an award for its innovative design.

With its weather proof Monkey Play Barn with three levels of children's play and a café, the park offers a fun packed and educational day whatever the weather.

Since opening in 2009, YWP has become the UK’s fastest growing and most innovative wildlife attractions - offering families an entertaining and educational day out.