VIDEO: Killer Shaun Wainwright will serve 28 years

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Evil KILLER Shaun Wainwright has been jailed for a minimum of 28 years for the brutal murder of Simon Holdsworth.

Shaun Wainwright will serve a life sentence with a minimum term of 28 years for the murder of Simon Holdsworth.

Shaun Wainwright

Shaun Wainwright

His family today described him as the ‘kindest, friendliest, most loving and caring young man, full of fun and laughter’.

They said ‘he was always there to offer assistance to those who needed a helping hand’.

Wainwright entered the dock this morning wearing a black V-neck jumper and stared at the floor.

He stood up and looked at the floor as the judge passed the sentence.

Simon Holdsworth

Simon Holdsworth

Simon’s fiancée Carleen was in tears in the public gallery.

His Hon Justice Henry Globe said: “Simon Holdsworth was 36 years of age when he died. The witnesses described him as a non-confrontational person, as someone who was shy and retiring, who had good relationships with others, with no bad blood anywhere, and someone in respect of whom no one could think of any reason for him being killed.

“These observations are mirrored in the three victim personal statements I have studied from his mother, sister and fiancée. They describe him as the kindest, friendliest, most loving and caring young man, always full of fun and laughter, who was always first to offer assistance to those who needed a helping hand.

“His death has brought untold misery and grief to his family and friends, some of whom are still undergoing counseling for the trauma they have suffered. The horror that happened on that night will remain with them for the rest of their lives. He will forever be in their hearts but he will never again be in their presence.

The scene where Simon's body was discovered in a field off Birley Spa Lane, Hackenthorpe.

The scene where Simon's body was discovered in a field off Birley Spa Lane, Hackenthorpe.

“The question that’s asked in all three statements in different ways is why? Why did you do it? What was your motive? You have never given them a reason.”

His defence barrister Nicholas Rhodes said Wainwright accepted he was going to get a life sentence.

He was sent down to the cells after sentecing – and the judge praised the police, jury and friends and family in the public gallery.

The sentence means Wainwright will be almost 75 years old before he is even considered for release on licence.

Angry Wainwright lay in wait and bludgeoned Simon to death after he refused to reopen the factory where they both worked, so he could get his wallet he had accidentally left behind.

The thug, who was much bigger than 5ft 7in Simon, hid in the dark as his workmate walked home on December 16, 2013 and beat him to death with a blunt weapon, believed to be a metal bar stolen from work.

A jury at Teesside Crown Court took less than two hours to convict Wainwright following a three-week trial.

Evidence was given about the defendant repeatedly reacting to perceived slights and workplace disputes with violence and threats.

He even injected one of his apples with laxative because he suspected a workmate was stealing his food from a communal kitchen.

Det Chf Insp Phil Etheridge, who led the investigation into Simon’s murder, said Wainwright was a ‘cowardly bully’ who had pretended to be a good friend to Mr Holdsworth due to them being colleagues at FBS Prestige on Birley Vale Avenue.

His family said: “Simon was a much-loved son, brother, fiance, father and uncle. Our family have been totally devastated by what has happened to Simon. His life was brutally ended in the most horrific circumstances.

“We would like to thank the prosecution team and South Yorkshire Police for the professional way in which they have conducted the investigation and brought Shaun Wainwright to justice.”

Det Chf Insp Etheridge said: “Wainwright laid in wait for Simon in the dark. He then inflicted the most horrendous and catastrophic head injuries with a weapon believed to be a baseball bat or a bar.

“He left him in the field on a cold December evening to be found by a member of the public the following morning.”


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