Video: Kell Brook to quit Matchroom? No way. Not yet anyway.

Kell Brook celebrates victory with Eddie Hearn and his dad TerryKell Brook celebrates victory with Eddie Hearn and his dad Terry
Kell Brook celebrates victory with Eddie Hearn and his dad Terry
Eddie Hearn has extinguished rumours that Sheffield world champion Kell Brook is about to leave him for a rival promoter.

But he admits that anything can change in boxing - especially if mind-boggling financial offers are on the table to Brook or other elite fighters.

Hearn also declared that he is under pressure to provide only Pay per View fights for Brook from 2017 and beyond- but says he wasn’t expecting Brook to jump ship.

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Speculation suddenly started doing the rounds on social media, some of it referencing Frank Warren, head of BoxNation, who has recently announced a deal that will see his channel join forces with BT Sports – a huge rival to Sky TV, which Hearn has been closely associated with for years.

The Matchroom boss said he had no idea where the rumour of Brook leaving his camp had initially come from.

But he claimed that fighters “reaching the top” of the sport would always earn more from him than other promoters.

Hearn said that this week: “My twitter started going mad. ‘Kell Brook has left Eddie Hearn’ Bloody hell! Has he?’

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“I texted Kell and he phoned me straight up and started laughing.

“You never know in boxing, some people you take their loyalty...don’t forget when we were in negotiations with David Haye (for next year’s Tony Bellew fight) other promoters were getting people to phone Bellew to say do the fight on our channel, we will pay you this and that.

“Fighters are always going to get the carrot dangled in front of them.

“It is how loyal they are. But also sometimes an opportunity is too good to turn down. I understand that. I can’t tell you we will keep every fighter we’ve got..that’s just life.

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“But I have been through a hell of a lot with Kell Brook, a hell of a lot” he told IFL TV.

“And it that did happen it would be a massive kick in the n*ts.

“I don’t envisage it to happen at all. But who knows, in the future? “Certain fighters you trust their loyalty a million per cent, Tony Bellew is one of them probably Kell Brook too.

“So I don’t think there is any truth at all - well I know there’s not. But who knows what the future holds?

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Hearn said it was a case of “Pay Per View fights only for Kell Brook, that’s all he wants. So I have got to deliver them. And if I cannot deliver them, who knows?” The promoter added of boxers, in general: “The ones that are loyal to you and you trust are the ones you will go the extra mile for.”

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