Video: Is this the oldest ever footage of Sheffield city centre?

Travelling up Pinstone Street towards the Town Hall
Travelling up Pinstone Street towards the Town Hall
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This incredible archive footage shows Sheffield as you have never seen it before.

Filmed just a year after Queen Victoria's death and a year before the Wright brothers made history by making the first ever manned-flight this remarkable footage give a tram driver's eye view of a journey through the city centre.

The footage was captured in 1902 and shows a number of Sheffield landmarks that are still familiar 115 years later.

There are no cars on the road - just trams and horses and carts - and the throngs of people going about their business paint a scene of a vibrant city centre.

The streets are bustling with life and smog hangs heavy in the air.

In the first few seconds of the film follow the tram as it makes its way up London Road before making its way into the city centre.

It then makes its way up Pinstone Street with the familiar sight of the Town Hall (opened five years earlier) in the background.

The fascinating journey then takes us down Commercial Street before finishing off as the tram travels down Haymarket.