VIDEO: Inside Sheffield's famous Ski Village and trial biking at Parkwood Springs in the 1980s - can you spot yourself?

Sheffield Ski Village in its heyday.
Sheffield Ski Village in its heyday.
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Take a step back in time - to Sheffield's much-loved and long-gone Ski Village - with this great archive footage of the attraction in its heyday.

The 11 minute clip, uploaded to YouTube, will transport you right back to 1980s Sheffield - and includes some amazing footage of the city centre from the hills as well as trial biking at Parkwood Springs - the suburb of the city made famous by the Full Monty.

The footage, uploaded to the video sharing website by Ian Watkinson, shows novice skiers tackling the Ski Village's dry ski slopes - and then cuts to clips of bikers racing around Parkwood nearly 30 years ago.

And while Sheffield Ski Village may now have been reduced to a burnt out, fly-tipping mess thanks to arson attacks, in its prime it was the pride of Sheffield.

Throughout the late 80s, 1990s and early 2000s it was believed to be the largest artificial ski resort in Europe and boasted a range of slopes, from a nursery slope for beginners right up to a serious slope which was used by winter Olympians for training.

It was home to skiing, snowboarding and a range of other winter and outdoor pursuits, including a freestyle park.

The village opened in October 1988 and by 1990 had eight slopes.

Later a lodge, bar and shops were added. In 2004, Adventure Mountian was opened – a play park for youngsters.

It was also a popular spot for a night out. People came from far and wide for legendary NY Sushi nights, with DJs, cocktails and lots of clubbers dancing the night away. In 2009, a bowling alley was added to the site and it looked as if the glory days would never end.

But in April 2012, disaster struck with a major fire at the site, the first in a series of blazes thought to be arson attacks. The site was closed and has since become an eyesore.