VIDEO: Going crazy for Coke ploy

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Crowds of sweet-toothed shoppers queued to add their name to a bottle of their favourite fizzy drink.

Dozens of people were waiting at the Share a Coke stand on The Moor shortly after it opened at 10am yesterday.

Share a Coke stand in Sheffield'Janine Lord

Share a Coke stand in Sheffield'Janine Lord

The stand gave people the chance to add any name to a miniature bottle of Coke, following the brand’s successful summer marketing campaign.

Several people clutched bags full of bottles for friends and relatives as they queued repeatedly over the day.

Stacey Keeney, of Stradbroke, and her friend had collected 16 bottles from the automated machines by 11am.

The 27-year-old said: “We’ve got seven nieces and nephews so we’ve got bottles for them and I’ve just got them for my friends who has got married.

Share a Coke stand in Sheffield

Share a Coke stand in Sheffield

“One of the bottles is for my youngest cousin Bobbi who is only a week old.

“I just think its unique and you’ll not get the chance to do it again when they stop putting the names on the bottles.”

The 64-day Share a Coke tour has attracted massive crowds across the country.

People have waited - sometimes in the pouring rain - to add names to the bottles. Coke has used 250 of the most popular names in its marketing campaign.

Mum Janine Lord, of Arbourthorne, was queuing to get bottles branded with the names of her children Shania, aged ten, and four-year-old Déante.

She said: “Shania has wanted one for a while but they didn’t have her name on the bottles.

“I might have to queue again so I can get one for Déante too.”