Video: Forget entertaining Kell - just go for the ugly win

Broadcasters are investing millions of pounds in next Saturday's Kell Brook v Gennady Golovkin show in the hope the Pay Per Viewers digitally queuing up to each part with their £16.95 will return a high-profit margin.

Friday, 2nd September 2016, 5:49 pm
Kell Brook : roaring to go

But as far as the actual fight goes - it doesn’t matter if it’s not the least bit long as Kell wins.

That’s the view of one time world title contender Ryan Rhodes, who is willing his buddy to overcome the odds and beat the Kazakh genuis. “Kell hasn’t got to make it an entertaining fight he has just got to get that win” said Rhodes.

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“Make it ugly, work, grab hold, frustrate Golovkin, take him out of his comfort zone. Once he frustrates him, Golovkin will start making mistakes. And that’s what Kell needs to do. grab hold frustrate him, work when he wants to work, hold when he wants to hold. “Don’t make it an entertaining fight, that won’t not work in Kell’s favour.” Rhodes said it is vital that the Sheffielder quickly puts his stamp on proceedings at the 02 Arena .

“In that first second of that first round Kell has got to hit him with a fast, hard, strong jab or a straight back-hand. “If not Golovkin will walk straight through Kell. He’ll have no respect for Kell.”

Rhodes said the middleweight title holder was “a different animal” to most others in the sport. “I just hope Kell gets behind his fast combinations, fast hands, we’ve seen it with fighters moving up in weight from welterweight to middleweight, Sugar Ray Leonard did it, Kell can do it. But is going to be a tough, ask.”

While Rhodes respects for Golovkin, he says welterweight champion Brook will take him places he’s never been before.

Kell Brook : roaring to go

“Kell is definitely Glovkin’s best opponent (so far) If you put Kell in with Matthew Macklin, Martin Murray or Daniel Geale I’d favour Kell all the way. Golovkin hasn’t fought any superstars in boxing.”

But Rhodes cautioned: “The guys he has boxed - well, it’s the way he gets rid of them (32 KOs in 35 fights.)

“That’s why we talk about Golvkin so much. But Kell has got the movement, the speed, I hope he takes his speed up to middleweight, and if he does, he has got a chance.

Brook v Golovkin - winning is everything.
Kell Brook : roaring to go
Brook v Golovkin - winning is everything.