VIDEO: First glimpses of your new-look Star

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Clearer page design comes after readers’ feedback

Here they are - a sneak peak at some of the first pages from your new look Star.

Over the past weeks and months we’ve been listening to what you’ve told us you want to see in your local paper.

Next week you will notice we’re introducing the first in a series of changes.

The main thing you’ll spot is the new design.

It will be introduced to different sections of the newspapers over the next few weeks starting with your new entertainment guide WOW 247 next Friday.

Not only have we improved the look, you’ll find it is also packed with new ideas, better content and great pictures.

We will also be giving our Saturday nostalgia supplement Retro a new look next week, making it clearer and brighter.

What isn’t changing is our promise to do all we can to bring you a local newspaper which you enjoy reading, learn from and feel makes Sheffield proud.

We are absolutely committed to giving you the best local news service around in print and online.

We want to ensure that we are able to continue providing quality journalism in your city.

Editor Jeremy Clifford said: “We never forget that our job is to serve the community we have been proud to play a major role in for the last 125 years.

“Times change and we must change with them but our commitment to our readers, Sheffield and South Yorkshire is now stronger than ever.

“We promise we will continue to report the issues that matter to you, campaigning on your behalf and working to make Sheffield the best city it can be.”

We are really keen to hear what you think of our new design so whether it is by email, Tweet, Facebook message or letter make your opinion count.

Everyone has a story to share

There is news everywhere you turn in Sheffield – events happening, people receiving good news and doing things to help others.

So why not get in touch with me so we can let other Star readers know what is happening in your area?

If it is something that interests you, the chances are it will interest other Sheffielders and we would love to share it with them.

Are you fundraising for charity, maybe there is something special going on in your school or your workplace?

Send me a photo, as much information as possible and your own contact details – then you can read all about it on the pages of a future edition of The Star.

Have you heard the one about ...

What are you doing to fundraise for Comic Relief next week?

Whether it is a class of children all wearing red, a fundraising football team, solicitors doing something downright silly or a cake bake get in touch and let me know.

There are always hundreds of events taking place across Sheffield for Comic Relief and we love to support such a great cause.

So send in your photos to as quickly as you can next Friday and we’ll do the rest.

We also love to hear your jokes – no matter how terrible – so do send those too. And watch out online as Comic Relief hits The Star offices.

Cinema tickets for Retro Club

Hundreds of readers have already joined our Retro Club and tomorrow we will be revealing details of an exclusive offer for them.

We have teamed up with the Showroom to offer free tickets for a special movie preview which will be right up Retro readers’ street.

It has a great nostalgic feel to it and was chosen because of the number of club members who said they would love to be able to see relevant films.

Tickets are limited and will be given on a first-come-first- served basis so make sure you don’t miss tomorrow’s Retro and if you haven’t already, join our Club – it is completely free.