VIDEO: "Ey up, our lass!" Korean student becomes internet sensation with clip explaining how to talk in Sheffield dialect

A Korean student has become an internet sensation after an instructional video explaining how to say Sheffield and Yorkshire phrases such as "ey up!" and "our lass."

Thursday, 22nd December 2016, 9:04 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 2:29 pm
Internet sensation Korean Billy.

Seong-Jae Kong, dubbed Korean Billy, has filmed himself explaining popular phrases and words from across the county such as "eeh by gum" - as well as Scouse and Geordie terms too.

He has recorded himself copying UK accents and explaining popular phrases and words from across the country.

These include 'ey up!' (Yorkshire), 'our kid' (Mancunian) and 'why aye man' (Geordie).

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Seong-Jae, who currently resides in Seoul, South Korea posts the videos of himself on YouTube , where he has attracted tens of thousands of fans from around the globe.

The 25-year-old became interested in 'the various British dialects' while studying at the University of Central Lancashire as an exchange student last year.

He subsequently started making videos and posting them on his 'Korean Billy' YouTube account to help others better understand the English language.

In one video, he gives a tutorial on the Yorkshire accent.

He begins with the phrase 'ey up!', joking: "It seems like you should look up when you hear this but you don't need to do that."

He continues: "'Ey up!' is an expression of saying 'hello'. So when people in Yorkshire say 'ey up!' you can understand that they're saying 'hello'."

He then describes how 'ow's tha doing' means 'How are you doing', while the word 'chuffed' means 'very pleased' - a 'totally different meaning' from how it sounds.

He adds that the word 'proper' can 'emphasise the meaning' - for example, someone from Yorkshire might say: "I'm proper chuffed about it."

Many viewers have praised Seong-Jae for his 'perfect' accents and teaching skills.