VIDEO: Ed Miliband calls out bingo numbers at Doncaster club - but stumbles over number 19

Ed Miliband calls bingo numbers in Doncaster.Ed Miliband calls bingo numbers in Doncaster.
Ed Miliband calls bingo numbers in Doncaster.
Former Labour leader Ed Miliband stunned voters at a Doncaster club - when he was filmed calling out bingo numbers.

Mr Miliband, who is standing for re-election in Doncaster North, was captured on camera reading out the numbers for a group of players at The Winning Post in Moorends and the footage has been shared on Twitter.

But there was laughter in the room when Mr Miliband, who chose not to call out traditional bingo nicknames for the numbers, stumbled when it came to calling out number 19.

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During the two-minute clip, which has been retweeted 131 times, he called out 29 numbers and received a chorus of laughs when he called out '19' without saying the '1 and 9' first.

The 47-year-old was filmed by someone from the Thorne Branch Labour Party who posted the clip.

They wrote: 'So who wants to see a little clip of Ed Miliband calling bingo at the Winning Post, Moorends? I do, full video hopefully on tomorrow!'

The politician started by saying: '8 and 0, 80' followed by 'All the 3s, 33.' When he got to number 13, he did deliver the traditional "unlucky for some" tag.

After his slip on number 19, he apologised for forgetting to say 1 and 9 first and jokingly said 'sorry' to the group while he was sat on the small stage.