VIDEO: Dramatic near miss as Sheffield cyclist almost wiped out by speeding driver

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A cyclist has recorded the moment he was almost hit by a car on a Sheffield street.

Ian Loasby was cycling in a 20 mile per hour school safety zone on Maltravers Road this week when the Volvo went past him at a high speed.

In his video, which he uploaded to YouTube today, the Volvo can be seen speeding past Mr Loasby, after appearing to panic when the road narrowed.

The car can then be seen 'tailgating' a car further up the street.

The driver then overtook the car.

"They went past at a very high speed," Mr Loasby said.

Mr Loasby, 53, said he hadn't reported the incident to police.

"I haven't played it back frame by frame," the Greenhow Street, Walkley resident said.

He said he got 'more than a fright' but was also concerned for the safety of other road users.

The incident happened on Mr Loasby's daily commute from Walkley to the Advanced Manufacturing Park on Wallis Way, Catcliffe.

His commute usually takes 40 minutes. In a car, he said it could take him anywhere from 25 to 40 minutes.