VIDEO: Doncaster mum appears on This Morning to defend spending thousands on designer outfits for her 3-year-old daughter

A Doncaster mum has appeared on This Morning to defend buying designer outfits for her three-year-old daughter costing thousands of pounds.

Fern and Nancy with Eamonn Holmes on This Morning. (Photo: ITV).
Fern and Nancy with Eamonn Holmes on This Morning. (Photo: ITV).

Fern Weston-Bennett, 28, appeared on the ITV daytime show with her daughter Nancy - and revealed that she is addicted to buying her child big name outfits - with nothing costing less than £100.

The Tickhill-based mum-of-two told hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that spending so much on clothes for Nancy gave her "a buzz."

Fern with her husband Ryan on the couple's wedding day.

She said: "You have to spend more to achieve a certain 'look' It is sort of for the mother's benefit as well.

"You have to spend the money to get the look with children. They don't have the style that I like and she likes to wear in your average high street store and you have to spend that little bit more."

She added: 'I think its a lot of women's dreams when they find out they're having a daughter - I think most women would imagine having a super feminine girly girl.

'If it gets to an age when she doesn't want to wear it anymore that's absolutely fine I just want her to be comfortable and happy and I'm getting a little buzz out of it at the same time."

Fern with her husband Ryan on the couple's wedding day.

Despite the fact that Fern insists that Nancy enjoys dressing up many viewers took to Twitter criticising the mother of treating her daughter as an accessory.

Other viewers accused Fern of being shallow and setting a negative example for her daughter while any viewers described her as a 'spoiled brat'.

Fern has also set up her daughter's very own Instagram account where she can parade her luxurious outfits and Nancy already has over 7,000 followers.

The toddler's fashion-sense has caught the attention of clothing brands who send her free clothes to wear every month. And Nancy has even been scouted by a modeling agency who immediately signed her up as a child model.

Earlier this week full-time mum Fern said: 'Nancy is such a mini fashionista! She got her first designer handbag at age one and she loves to dress up and pose up for the camera.

'My daughter definitely has more designer handbags and more social media followers than me.

For a formal occasion like a wedding, Fern admits that she can spend around £360 on a full outfit for Nancy to go with a £300 Gucci handbag for example from her collection.

Fern, who is also mum to Seth, 6, and has been married to company director, Ryan, 30, for seven years - explains: 'I get more enjoyment spending on designer clothes and accessories for my kids than I do on myself.

"I would spend every last penny on my children and not myself. I'm happy to wear High Street whilst my kids wear designer gear.

"Nancy and I love to match our outfits - I have the bigger version of her Louis Vuitton handbag and we'll co-ordinate. It does make my happy and proud when we both look nice together.

'Nancy's designer accessories are definitely an investment - I think that her handbag will always have sentimental value for Nancy and she will treasure it for life."