VIDEO: Dismay over disappearance of '˜Bubbleman' from Sheffield's streetsÂ

Star readers have expressed their dismay over reports that a popular entertainer has been banned from performing on a Sheffield street.Â

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 7:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 8:17 pm

Known as the '˜Bubbleman', he has been entertaining families for months by blowing bubbles into the air outside shops on The Moor.

But the man behind the persona '“ Wojciech Plonka '“ has not been seen performing in this busy area of the city for weeks.


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He took to Facebook to claim he has been prohibited from appearing on The Moor for fears the pavement will become '˜too slippery'. 

Wojciech claimed he was approached by '˜two people wearing purple sweaters with '˜Moor Sheffield' written on them who told him he was creating too much foam on the ground. 

He added: 'It is too dangerous for everyone because it's too slippery with my bubbles.

'I was trying to explain them that I wash the ground after every show and also I can put a cardboard in the ground if it's too slippery but they just told to me to go out and never come there again.'

Star readers have now expressed their dismay at the claims and told of their sadness that he will no longer be performing there. They made their voices heard on Facebook.

Sarah Kelly said: 'The fun police must lead very boring lives.'

Margaret Rose added: 'We need more outdoor entertainers not less. Is it really that dangerous? I doubt it.

Jackie Broughton described how her granddaughter 'loved watching this man' adding: 'This is awful.' Danielle Hill expressed her view that it seems an 'odd' priority to ask him to stop performing.

Several people also said more attention should be focused on tackling the problem of Spice addiction '“ a synthetic cannabis which leaves users in a '˜Zombie-like' state '“ that has caused issues in the city centre.  

Sheffield Council has been contacted for comment and we are waiting for a response.