Video debates prisoners’ votes

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SHOULD prisoners be able to vote? That’s the controversial topic covered in a video created by a Sheffield student to spark a debate on the subject.

Philosophy student Rob Hughes made the film using funding from The University of Sheffield’s Undergraduates Research Experience scheme.

The 20-year-old said: “The video is aimed at people who have a gut reaction on this issue one way or another, but, when pressed, don’t really know why.

“If even a single person walks away from the video with the feeling there is more to be said and more to be understood, or that they’re not sure where they stand anymore, I will feel it was a success.”

The video forms part of a project between the university’s department of philosophy, school of law and department of politics which is exploring the ethical, legal and political issues in the criminal justice system.

One focus is the hotly debated issue of prisoners’ voting rights, which is the subject of ongoing negotiations between the European Court of Human Rights and the UK Government.