VIDEO: Critics label Nick Clegg’s Uptown Funk election anthem as ‘political equivalent of dad dancing’

Nick Clegg MP
Nick Clegg MP
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A joke Liberal Democrat ‘election anthem’ starring Nick Clegg in a mash-up of pop song Uptown Funk has failed to hit the right note with online audiences.

The political party have put out the video on their Facebook page and say it was inspired by the infamous 2012 spoof music video which featured an auto-tuned Mr Clegg apologising for his party’s U-turn on tuition fees.

The new song takes the Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson song and inter-cuts with extracts from Mr Clegg’s speeches.

But the attempt to win over voters has come in for some criticism on social media and has been described as ‘the political equivalent of dad dancing’.

Az Butterfield said: “This is easily the worst thing I’ve ever seen, and I saw Vanilla Ice in concert.”

Richard Symonds added: “Please can we, as a party, just pretend this never happened.”

Simon Page said: “There’s more cheese in that video than a dairy farm.”

The video also got the thumbs down from Cassetteboy, the duo who recently released the Cameron’s Conference Rap video.

One of the group told the Guardian: “It looks as if it is a woeful attempt to woo the youth vote. I can’t see it’s anything other than that. It’s the political equivalent of dad dancing, isn’t it?”

But Luis Lopez said: “I think it is absolutely fantastic that the party is trying to engage with the youth through contemporary music. Did any other parties do this? What the Lib Dems stand for is reform of the clapped out political system and that is why they will get my vote!”

And Alfie Scott said: “Great to actually see a political party able to laugh at themselves frankly.”