VIDEO: Could you give Shade a home?

Meet Shade.

Tuesday, 12th June 2018, 11:49 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 10:35 am
Could you give Shade a loving home?

This little cutie arrived at Sheffield Animal Centre last October, after RSPCA officers became concerned for his welfare. After a few difficult months of transition, this black and white domestic shorthair has made great progress, and has really built up his confidence with people.

“When Shade first arrived with us, he was very shut down and terrified, he hid away from us and only came out of his den when no one was around,” said RSPCA spokesman Adam Spencer.

Could you give Shade a loving home?

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“Over the few months he has been here with us, we have been working very hard with Shade to try and build up his confidence and show him that us humans are actually pretty cool.

“He now comes out of his den to relax but he has a comfort curtain so he can stay out of the way if he chooses. There`s evidence every morning that he comes out through the night and plays with his toys. He will also accept treats from us but he still isn`t happy to be touched.

“We do though, at this point, think that he would make much better progress now in a home of his own.”

The RSPCA is seeking an experienced cat home for Shade, ideally with carers that have experience with nervous cats. Ideally, any children would be older, and his new family would have to be willing to carry on with Shade’s training plan long term and offer him lots of love and support to help him to continue to gain confidence.

Adam added: “Shade may never be a cuddly lap cat, but at just nine months old, he`s only a youngster and we feel he deserves to be given a chance to live a happy normal life.”

To find out more about Shade, or arrange a visit, call RSPCA Sheffield on 0114 2898050.