VIDEO: Could you give lovely Sasha a home?

If you've always wanted a loving, friendly dog to share you life with, perhaps you could be lovely Sasha's new forever family.

The four-year-old American Bulldog ended up at Sheffield’s RSPCA’s animal shelter in February after being abandoned by her owner.

RSPCA spokesman Adam Spencer said: “Sasha has been an absolute delight whilst in our care and the staff all adore her.

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“She is so eager to please and very polite when engaging with people. She can get a little over excited when in play and, because of this, we think she would be would be happier around children aged ten or older who are used to larger breed dogs.

“We also think Sasha may be partially deaf, as she can definitely hear some things, but at other times seems not to be able to hear at all. We have started introducing Sasha to hand signals to ensure she is getting the correct training, so that if her hearing does deteriorate further she can still communicate and understand her owners.

“Sasha seems to rather like other dogs and may possibly enjoy living with another dog, so we would do several introductions to ensure that any potential canine housemates are a great match.

“This lovely lady really enjoys human company and would be a great catch for anyone who is lucky enough to adopt her.”

To find out more about Sasha, call RSPCA Sheffield on 0114 2898050.

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