VIDEO: Coroner could call for safety measures after young man dies on Sheffield road

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A coroner could call for measures to be put in place to save lives after a young man died on a Sheffield road.

Sean Salvin, aged 20, was driving along Ecclesfield Road, Wooley Wood Bottom, in heavy rain when he lost control of his red Volkswagen Golf and ploughed into a tree.

Sean Salvin with dad Craig

Sean Salvin with dad Craig

An inquest into the death is still to be held but his family and friends believe Sean aquaplaned after hitting flood water.

Motorists on the road on the night of the crash on December 30 say the road was flooded and that it should have been closed to traffic.

Coroner Christopher Dorries told a pre-inquest review at Sheffield Coroner’s Court that he is considering writing a report under Regulation 28 of the Coroners Investigations Regulation 2013.

The regulation requires the coroner to make a report to an appropriate authority when he is of the opinion that action should be taken to prevent the risk of further deaths.

Sean Salvin, who died after his car crashed on Ecclesfield Road, Wooleywood Bottom

Sean Salvin, who died after his car crashed on Ecclesfield Road, Wooleywood Bottom

Video footage of flooding on the road was shown to the coroner.

The footage was taken by Sean’s father Craig Salvin who has been returning to the spot his son died every day to video the state of the road and cars skidding due to the water.

Mr Salvin and the rest of Sean’s family want to see the road closed until the problem is resolved to prevent any more deaths.

Speaking after the hearing, Mr Salvin said: “We feel like someone is finally on our side.

“We want to protect other people. I’d gladly put my car in the middle of the road.

“It is important that no more deaths happen.

“The road needs shutting off before a plan is put in action.”

He added: “I feel very bitter about what happened.

“It is someone’s fault.”

The family are also calling for South Yorkshire Police to be represented at a pre-inquest review as they believe officers should have closed the road in the hours before Sean’s death.

But South Yorkshire Police said they alerted the local authority to the situation and it was its responsibility to take action.

Mr Dories told the court: “A number of people have said about the water on that particular piece of road and at least one has had the fright of their lives.”

The coroner asked representatives from Amey, Sheffield Council and Yorkshire Water to attend the pre-inquest review but had to adjourn the hearing as a Yorkshire Water did not send anyone.