VIDEO: Charity single inspired by Sheffield woman's battle with cancer

A Sheffield woman has been inspired by her sister's battle with cancer to launch a charity single.

Thursday, 15th December 2016, 11:20 am
Updated Thursday, 15th December 2016, 1:00 pm
Cancer and Me founder Charlie Hawley (right) with her sister Kate Schofield

Charlie Hawley, from Storrs, near Stannington, cared for her elder sister Kate Schofield after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

That experience drove Charlie to form Cancer and Me, a charitable organisation which will provide treats both for patients and for the loved ones supporting them.

Cancer and Me founder Charlie Hawley (right) with her sister Kate Schofield

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She has teamed up with Sheffield-born singer Helen Boulding, who generously agreed to donate the proceeds from her single It's You to the cause.

"Cancer and Me is a bit like Make a Wish but not just for children. People will be able to able to apply on behalf of someone with cancer, or a friend or family member who is caring for them," said Charlie.

"It might fund a theatre excursion or shopping trip for a woman whose husband has cancer and who has been going through it all with him. Or it could pay for a visit to Legoland for a child whose mum or dad has cancer."

Charlie's sister Kate Schofield, from Wadsley, was diagnosed with breast cancer eight years ago and the disease returned four years later but she is now in remission.

Cancer and Me founder Charlie Hawley (right) with her sister Kate Schofield

"I've lived it twice and know what it would mean for someone to say 'I get it, you need a break, go and do that'," said Charlie, a 35-year-old mum-of-two, who runs an online clothing business.

"You're sat in the hospital chair when they're having treatment, and you're trying to be the strong one, telling them it's fine, but inside it's hard.

"When Kate's treatment finished we went to London for a night. We had an amazing time together and we realised we both needed that bit of relief.

"Everyone needs that bit of release to go and look after themselves for a bit, which is why I started Cancer and Me."

Charlie saw Helen's song online and said it resonated with what she is trying to achieve. With the help of Sheffield film producer Hugh Mann Adamson, who gave his time for free, they merged footage of the track being recorded with clips of Charlie, Kate and others who have been affected by cancer.

Income from the song, which is available now on iTunes, will be used primarily to fund Cancer and Me. A portion will also go to Weston Park Hospital and Cavendish Cancer Care, which she said had given Kate and her family 'invaluable' support.

For Helen, who has written top 10 singles for 911 and Alex Parks, and is currently working with Geri Halliwell, Cancer and Me is a cause close to her heart.

"I have lost loved ones to cancer, and had family and friends who have been affected by cancer," she said.

"So Charlie's charity supporting cancer patients and survivors, helping them to live life to the full and treating them to amazing experiences, really inspires me!"

It's You is available to download on iTunes. You can donate to Cancer and Me via the JustGiving page 'Raising for Cancer and Me'.