Video: Brothers grim: identical fates for Sheffield Steelers forward duo

The novel experience of having identical twins at Sheffield Steelers is over.

Monday, 17th September 2018, 6:49 pm
Updated Monday, 17th September 2018, 6:57 pm
The Rupert brothers - sharing the responsibility

Matt Rupert was released by the club on Monday, and his brother Ryan decided under the circumstances that he was going to quit.

They go after Sheffield lost four out of their first six games, two of them at home.

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Steelers have scored three goals in the last two hours of play and there are rumblings of discontent among some fans. 

Asked, after Saturday's Manchester Storm home defeat and before he quit, what was going wrong, Ryan replied: 'I just think around the net we are not burying our chances and we are letting in a couple of chances and they seem to capitalise. We are just not scoring around the net.'

Questioned about his own form and that of his brother Matt, he responded: 'OK, I guess but obviously anybody can be better including ourselves...just got to have time I guess to adjust to the game over here.'

Rupert said the twins had signed late for the club and were getting their bodies in shape and slowly 'getting our feet and timing into each game'.

The Rupert brothers - sharing the responsibility

'Everybody expects to win every game but ultimately nobody wins every game' said the 24-year-old Canadian. 'Unfortunately we are off to a slow start but hopefully we can turn things around; it is a long season.'

Asked, at that time if he felt pressure on his job, he said: 'I don't really let it bother me.

'I just play my game. I know it's not a lot of points with Matt and myself...we need to step it up and produce.'

Ryan said he was more of a playmaker and Matt more of a finisher, when it came to style, adding: 'Unfortunately we have not shown much of that this year so far. Hopefully we can get that going.'

Steelers host Cardiff on Sunday '“ without them, but maybe with a replacement in the side.