VIDEO: Bakers rolling in dough after £350,000 lotto win

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Three South Yorkshire bakers are cooking on gas after scooping a EuroMillions win of more than £350,000.

Christmas looks set to be a merry one now for the trio of Barnsley men who matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star on Tuesday night, after deciding to buy a ticket at the last minute.

Lottery winning bakers from Darton nr Barnsley

Lottery winning bakers from Darton nr Barnsley

Mick Dolan, one of the winners, said: “It wasn’t until Wednesday morning, at about 3.30am as we were making the pork pies, that we remembered the ticket and checked the numbers.”

He claimed the prize along with brother Matthew and their colleague John-Stuart Birkinshaw.

Forty-year-old Mick said: “We all sat there staring as it dawned on us that we’d won big. It was too early to get the numbers verified at the post office, and we didn’t know what to do with ourselves, so we just went back to baking the pies.”

Dad of two, John-Stuart, who works with the brothers at L Birkinshaw & Sons, Station Road, Darton, said: “Matthew mentioned there was a big EuroMillions draw, so Matt and I chose a line and Mick picked two lucky dips.

Lottery winning bakers from Darton nr Barnsley

Lottery winning bakers from Darton nr Barnsley

“When we finally got the numbers verified, they confirmed we’d won £359,010.60 – almost £120,000 each.”

When it comes to enjoying their new riches, the three have different plans.

John-Stuart, aged 60, is off to Australia on holiday.

He said: “We’ll be able to do everything we want to, it’s going to be a dream holiday.

“I’m also going to buy both of my daughters a car.”

Mick is planning to pay off his mortgage and treat his family, while Matthew has no immediate plans.

The 27-year-old said: “I’m still in a little bit of shock to be honest.

“I still live at home with my mum, so I’ve got some time to consider what I want to do with the money. For now I’ll just be saving it.

“That kind of money sat in my bank account is a fantastic feeling though and I plan to make the most of it when the time comes to spend it.”

The winning ticket matched the numbers 19, 23, 27, 42 and 44, as well as lucky star number three, missing out on the £27 million jackpot by failing to match the second lucky star, number five. It was purchased from Mapplewell Stores, Towngate, Barnsley.