VIDEO: 'Anti-social' bikers 'endangering safety' in Sheffield on a daily basis

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These clips shows some of the 'anti-social' bikers in Sheffield who a frustrated resident claims are endangering themselves and others on a daily basis.

Young bikers 'whizz' up and down Barrie Crescent, in Southey Green, most afternoons on their off-road vehicles, says William Hancock - often riding perilously close to other road users or straying onto the pavement.

Off-road bikers 'whizz' up and down Barrie Crescent most afternoons, says William Hancock

Off-road bikers 'whizz' up and down Barrie Crescent most afternoons, says William Hancock

Although their behaviour looks fairly innocent on the face of it, he says the vehicles are generally uninsured, untaxed and have no MOT, and he believes if these actions go unchecked it could lead to more serious crime.

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The 36-year-old IT manager has shared just some of the footage captured from a CCTV camera at the front of his home, in the hope it will highlight the issue and help police act before the problem escalates or someone is injured.

"Anti-social bikers have always been a bit of a problem round here but it's really escalated in the last five years or so, due to there being fewer police on the street," he said.

"It happens most days after school finishes and they will often drive on the pavement, which isn't great when you have young children around.

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"They have no tax, insurance or MOT, and they're not wearing helmets. They're just whizzing around with no regard for other people's safety - or their own.

"Things start off very innocently but if they see they can get away with that behaviour they will start driving even more recklessly, and someone's going to get injured."

Mr Hancock says he has reported the bikers to police in the past and shared video footage with officers, but gave up as nothing was done.

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He doesn't blame police, as he feels there is a limit to what they can do, but says the return of local policing teams has given him new hope.

Since the team in his neighbourhood launched recently, he says officers have been very active and seem to be quickly getting to grips with issues in the area.

He hopes sharing videos of anti-social bikers will help people identify them so officers can visit their homes and speak to the culprits and their parents, making it clear this behaviour will not be tolerated.

Local neighbourhood inspector Jason Booth said: "We have a dedicated off road biking team who have recently been conducting a number of proactive patrols and operations to target nuisance off road bikers who are causing disruption to our local communities.

"The operations carried out have been focused in areas where concerns have been raised by members of the public, which has allowed the team to directly respond to local reports. Through this action, officers have recently seized a bike and issued a number of warning notices to riders who are causing problems in the area.

"This work will now continue and I would encourage anyone to report any concerns to either a local officer or via 101."