VIDEO: Angry mums’ protest over Sheffield school parking

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Angry mums formed a human chain outside a Sheffield school to protect their children from ‘dangerous motorists’.

The army of more than 50 mothers meet outside Meynell Primary School in Southey Green every afternoon to form a protective shield with their bodies between the road and children.

Human chain

Human chain

They say a series of ‘near misses’ led to the drastic action and fear a child could be seriously hurt.

They are calling on Sheffield Council to install railings or bollards outside the Meynell Road site.

Jenny Armstrong, whose nine-year-old son Callum, is a pupil at the school, is leading the protest.

Jenny, aged 38, said: “This is a really dangerous situation for our children.

“Cars pull right up on to the pavement, with all four wheels on the kerb, blocking the pathway forcing children and mums with prams to walk on the road.

“Our children come running out of school as these cars are mounting the pavement. Something needs to be done now.

The mums have joined forces with the school and contacted the police.

A 200 signature petition is circulating and they have notified MP David Blunkett.

Next week, 400 letters written by pupils will be sent to Sheffield Council.

Jenny said: “The school is behind us 100 per cent – we’re all in this together and that’s why I believe we can make a difference.

“We’re ready to do the same thing every afternoon if we have to, until we get something done.”

Angela Lant, executive headteacher said: “We believe in what the mums are fighting for and their concern for the safety of our children.”

Inspector Ian Stubbs, who is leading the It’s Your Child campaign in Sheffield, to tackle irresponsible motorists putting pupils’ safety at risk, said: “This situation perfectly highlights the reasons why we launched the campaign last year.”

Coun Leigh Bramall, Sheffield Council cabinet member said: “It is totally unfair some parents think it is okay for them to park on pavements outside school gates and put small children’s lives at risk.

“It is illegal and it is an offence to park like this. 
“We have been working with South Yorkshire Police and the schools to take action against people who do this without any thought to anyone else.

“There are yellow zig-zag markings outside this and other schools yet, astonishingly, people think they have the right to ride rough shod over this and park any way they want.

“It is just not on.”

Mum Joanna Beaver, aged 40, said she was involved in a similar protest ten years ago when four of her children went to Meynell school.

“It was the same problem then and I we just can’t believe we’re here, 10 years on, in the same position.

“We contacted the police and council then too. I honestly believe it’s going to take somebody getting seriously hurt to spark any action.”

Claire Gregory, 39, whose son, aged eight attends Meynell Primary, said: “I just can’t understand the thinking of these parents that continue to drive like this.

“If, God forbid, something happened to one of their kids, they’d wish something had been done sooner.”