VIDEO: Anger as man hurls rubbish-filled wheelie bin into Sheffield river from bridge at height of floods

The bin is hurled into the River Sheaf. (Photo: YouTube).
The bin is hurled into the River Sheaf. (Photo: YouTube).
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This is the moment a man was filmed hurling a rubbish filled wheelie bin into a raging Sheffield river at the height of this week's floods in the city.

The clip, uploaded to video sharing website YouTube, shows a man picking up a blue wheelie bin filled with what appear to be cans and bottles and throwing it off a bridge into the raging waters of the River Sheaf below.

And those who carried out the stunt have been blasted as "retarded" as anger erupted over the clip which is thought to have been filmed on Monday when the city was besieged by torrential rain and when several parts of the city suffered flash flooding.

The 42 second clip, shot under cover of darkness and entitled "sheffield flooding U.K 21/11/2016" begins with a voice commenting as another wheelie bin is seen being washed down the river beneath a bridge in Heeley.

The voice says: "Oh b***** hell, there's a wheelie bin going there...and the wheelie bin's going down for a final lap" as laughter can be heard off camera.

The footage then switches to a man carrying a blue bin to the bridge edge and hurling into the swirling waters below. Bottles and cans can be heard tumbling from the bin as it splashes into the river and is carried downstream.

Voices can be heard shouting "whoooo" and "yeahhh" as the bin disappears out of sight.

The clip, uploaded by a user called "ant james" has already drawn criticism from those who have seen it.

User craig mason posted: "what a f****** tosser chucking that bin into the river."

And John Brown wrote: "Were there many other retarded people throwing bins in tat river?"