VIDEO: After American "soccer" fan's chant for Sheffield United "Rollerblades," here's his song for Sheffield Owls

The American Soccer Fan has become a web sensation.
The American Soccer Fan has become a web sensation.
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You've seen the American Soccer Fan's light-hearted dig at Sheffield United - now watch his chant for Sheffield Wednesday fans, which he dubs the Sheffield Owls.

Mackie Jackson has been enraging and delighting fans of English football clubs with his tongue-in-cheek "soccer chants" - including a song saluting Bramall Lane skipper Billy Sharp.

WATCH: American 'soccer' fan's hilarious Billy Sharp chant for Sheffield United "Roller Blades" supporters

But he has also turned his attentions to the blue and white side of the city with a "Sheffield Owls" song which you can listen to HERE.

The somewhat dubious lyrics go: "Sheffield Wednesday, they're the reason people in the city are proud of.....Sheffield United, they're the reason, they'll pretend they are from Bradford...but no matter what, the Owls are better than Blades....Bramall Lane is full of retrogrades."

The viral video has already been viewed thousands of times on social media.

Recently he told blogger Theo Cummins on his blog that he thinks his videos are being watched for numerous reasons and said: “20% of Brits get p***** off to see a ‘Yank’ – as I’m regularly called – say soccer. 20% think I am British putting on a parody which I think is great. And the other 60% love the aggro I get and see it as a wind-up.”

Mackie, originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, moved to Bracknell, Berkshire aged 12 when his dad got a job here.

He became a fan of Reading after going to the Madejski Stadium and seeing them beat West Ham.

Mackie said this is where he was first introduced to "soccer" chants.

Mackie says fans are constantly asking him to do a chant for their team and he currently has 2,000 unread requests in his inbox.