VIDEO: A ride on Sheffield's last ever double-decker trams

The old tram network
The old tram network
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Today the Supertram may be smooth and shiny, but go back a few decades and Sheffield had these immense double-decker behemoths.

The old tram network covered a massive amount of the city - just look at this image showing how much of Sheffield was covered by the trams.

Last week Stagecoach began a consultation asking YOU where a new tram route could be built.

But as you can see, the old tram network, which closed in the 1960s, covered so much more of the city.

Trams ran up to Walkley and Crookes, to Beauchief, Ecclesall and Intake, as well as to Handsworth and Nether Edge. There were also seven depots, as opposed to the one for the current tram system.

Check out this video showing a ride on one of the last ever Sheffield trams.

The new trams being tested in 1994

The new trams being tested in 1994