Victoria is best placed

Presumably EN (Tuesday May 31) has not seen the existing viaduct designed and built by Sir John Fowler which is approximately 700 yards long, and which includes the 72 feet wide Wicker Arch.


This was built to carry four railway tracks as well as the old Victoria Station, additionally the approach lines from both directions were built to carry four tracks which would also allow any new tracks to be laid and slewed on to a higher speed alignment. This viaduct still carries a line to Deepcar.

The 800-yard walk from Victoria to Church Street will be hardly any different than the 700-yard walk from Midland to Church Street, which would also have to include the walk between the proposed and existing stations at Meadowhall (about 100 yards).

Having a station at Victoria will be far more attractive to business people than having to wait for a Pacer or similar from Meadowhall.

What is the point of travelling at 250 mph to Meadowhall only to have to wait there until an empty train arrives? We need to bring businesses to Sheffield, not Meadowhall.

Victoria is placed in no worse a position than many other major stations, the only major English station which really is centrally situated is Birmingham New Street.

SW Ryszka