Victims must be listened to

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Tensions are still high, anger is very much being felt but now the report into the industrial scale child abuse in Rotherham is several weeks old it is about time the victims were being looked after.

No excuses.

Today we tell the story of Jessica (not her real name). She is 29, was abused from the age of 14 by one man for around two years. Attempts by her parents to get the police to stop the abuse went ignored.

She became pregnant twice – first having an abortion, then a baby boy at 16 – suffered depression, and made a suicide attempt, but is still on a waiting list for counselling because of the high demand for services.

After being let down once by the authorities it is now imperative that Jessica, and the hundreds of others like her who need help, are given the support they need.

There have been a lot of noises made from Rotherham council about how tackling this issue is at the top of its priorities. Well, now it is time to put those words into action.

Jessica believes that if she’d have had the correct support when she was a child it would have helped her and her son.

It’s not too late. Jessica was ignored once. Now she must be listened to.