Victims disappointed by police success rate

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A STUDENT whose brother was murdered in Sheffield and whose killer has never been caught today joined other victims of crime in expressing disappointment at South Yorkshire Police’s 28 per cent detection rate.

“The figures come as no surprise,” Aminoor Rahman told The Star. “They also highlight the major issue of there being serious criminals still on our streets - placing the wider public at serious risk.”

Politics student Aminoor, aged 23, is the same age now as his brother Safrajur Jahangir was when he was shot dead at the wheel of his car in Scraith Wood Drive, Shirecliffe, in August 2009.

Safrajur, from Darnall, who ran The Spice Hut shop in Hillsborough, was delivering a takeaway curry when he was executed.

Six Sheffield men accused of conspiracy to murder were acquitted when a trial collapsed in what the judge branded a ‘disaster for the criminal justice system’.

Aminoor said: “My brother was assassinated at the wheel of his car and his killers remain at large.

“Many other serious criminals are still at large in Sheffield judging by the mere 28 per cent figure of detected cases.

“Unless there are tougher convictions for serious offenders, it will fuel a vicious cycle all too common in major cities where offenders are not fearful of imprisonment.

“Sheffield as the ‘safest major city’ may cease to exist and that will become just a fictitious slogan.”

But Nargis Firdous, 60, who runs a care home in Sheffield, has praised South Yorkshire Police for catching a man who tried to rob her after jumping into her car.

She was on the Tesco car park on Abbeydale Road when a stranger jumped into her vehicle and ordered her to drive away.

She managed to escape from the vehicle and when police found the offender around an hour later they discovered he had been armed with a brick at the time. He was later jailed for two years.

Mrs Firdous said: “I could not have asked for a better service - they found him in around an hour and kept me posted. I was pleased with the way the justice system worked for me.”

The robber who stabbed newsagent Michael Wiles, 57, during a raid at his shop on Langsett Road, Hillsborough, in October has not yet been caught.

Mr Wiles said: “They never got the robber who stabbed me - my CCTV wasn’t working that day and he had his hood up and a scarf over his face. But the police seem to be good at catching motorists, and drivers parking in the wrong place are easy targets too. I was robbed at 8.30 in the morning and there was blood everywhere..”

Patrick Barfield, 65, from Lowedges, reported vandalism at the grave of his World War Two veteran father William just days before Remembrance Sunday last year.

“As well as that criminal damage I have had my car scratched twice, and none of the people responsible for any of it have been caught,” he said.

Martin Vernon, a father-of-two, from Roughwood Way, Kimberworth Park, Rotherham, was the victim of an arson attack outside his flat this month.

“For arsonists to be getting away with starting all these fires is not good enough - to solve just three per cent of attacks when lives are not at risk, and 26 per cent when lives are involved, is a worry,” he said.

Frank Hardy, a pensioner from Parson Cross, lost a coin collection when his home was broken into by a burglar last month.

“The detection rate leaves me despondent, especially when I know the police haven’t got anybody for my burglary yet,” he said.