‘Victim’ jailed after teenager stabbed in liver

Alan Peter Steele, jailed for screwdriver attack
Alan Peter Steele, jailed for screwdriver attack
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A MAN who stabbed a teenager with a screwdriver before pulling out a toy gun and threatening to kill him has been jailed for 18 months.

Alan Steele lashed out after he was set upon by a group when he tried to break up a row between two girls.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Steele, 38, was surrounded by the group and kicked as he lay on the ground.

But Bev Tait, prosecuting, said he admitted his actions went beyond self defence.

The court heard Steele had bought an orange, plastic ball-bearing gun in Blackpool for £5, but regarded it as a toy.

She said: “He took it out as a form of protection, because he’d experienced trouble when his dog was attacked.”

Miss Tait said that on the night of the incident there was an altercation involving two girls and Steele.

Steele’s victim, 17-year-old Ashley Bowie, the boyfriend of one of the women, tried to intervene.

She said: “Steele was on the ground being kicked. Punches were exchanged and he punched out with a screwdriver in his hand. He struck Mr Bowie in his abdomen.

“Steele then produced the gun to ‘calm’ the situation.

“He pointed it at Bowie and said ‘you’re going to die’.

Miss Tait said the ‘gun’ was wrestled from Steele and he left, carrying the 8in screwdriver.

She said Mr Bowie suffered two stab wounds which punctured his liver and had been ‘frightened to death’ when the gun was produced.

Steele, of Spa Lane, Woodhouse, admitted wounding with intent and possessing an imitation firearm.

Jailing him, Judge Simon Lawler QC said: “It’s clear you went to the ground and were kicked when you were trying to calm the storm, but, even so, you went well beyond the bounds of self defence using the screwdriver to cause serious injury and then produced this toy gun.

“This matter is so serious only custody is appropriate.”