Victim ‘did not deserve’ fatal attack

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A MAN accused of murdering his neighbour told police his victim “didn’t deserve” the violent beating he subjected him to, a court heard.

Steven Green, aged 38, attacked 62-year-old Ronald Harding on the second floor landing of the block of flats they shared on Skelton Way, Woodhouse, Sheffield, last November.

Green then allegedly dragged Mr Harding back into his own flat to die.

In police interviews read to jurors at Sheffield Crown Court, Green said he thought Ronald had earlier embarrassed him in The Royal pub in Woodhouse.

He admitted returning home and smashing his neighbour’s door with a Hoover.

“Ron got back and asked me why I smashed the window. I think he said something like, ‘grow up’. He was leering at me. That’s when I grabbed him and put him against the wall,” Green told officers.

He confessed to hitting Mr Harding repeatedly, and said he “might have” kicked and stamped on him.

“I knew I had gone too far. When I came to my senses, the more I started to care and I realised the severity of what I had done,” Green added.

“He didn’t deserve a beating like that.”

Green denies murder but admits manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Jurors heard he suffers from recurrent depressive disorder.

Ronald suffered multiple injuries in the fatal attack, including skull fractures and a brain haemorrhage.

He also sustained a fractured and bruised Adam’s apple - indicating pressure may have been applied to his neck.

“He just made me so mad,” Green told police. “I was just enraged. I wish I had just had an argument - I wish to God I had just left it like that.

“When I left him he was alive.”

The trial continues.