Veolia, tell us when you are NOT coming

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Can Veolia please let us know when they are NOT going to empty the bins. They make it clear in their literature what time the bins have to be out for, where they have to be placed and what time we have to take them back in once they have been emptied.

What they don’t say is what to do if a collection is not made on the specified day. Today Wednesday, December 18, I put out my bin for it to be collected and it was still there at 7.30pm. To save having to do it all again I left it at the bottom of the path, along with most of my neighbours. Then, of course, it had to happen – it starts blowing a gale and raining and, you guessed it, mine and my neighbours’ bins go flying, scattering bottles and cans all over.

I think if we are not informed about non collections on specified collection days Veolia should be responsible to pick up any spillages.