Venues were near-empty

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DURING the World Student Games, I worked for Sheffield University. A few of us were asked to sell souvenirs.

We were refused till rolls or receipts and had to give our cash to men who turned up in maroon Jaguar cars. They wouldn’t give us a receipt. I told my boss I was concerned with this lackadaisical set-up. He said: “It is all in order. They have ID. Just give it to them.”

Fluffy dogs called Sheff were ordered from Canada. They turned up two weeks after the Games closed.

Raffle tickets costing £5 were sold to win a new car. But the car went back to the dealer because there wasn’t enough money taken to pay for it.

We couldn’t have the flame lit throughout the Games. Sponsors didn’t come forward. There was never going to be enough money and it cost us dearly.

Venues were nigh-on empty. Tickets were given out because of poor attendances. We gave stuff away on the closing day.

No matter how many times we asked how much money we raised from sales we weren’t told. It was a shambles from start to finish.

The venues are good for the people who use them, though they are very expensive for families.

My colleagues and me saw such a wanton waste, disgraceful management by some prominent councillors.

When I went back to work, I asked my boss what went wrong.

He snapped: “Your mouth is too gobby.”

I was sacked two months later for the most ridiculous of reasons. I won a tribunal and my job was to be reinstated. Did I go back? No way.

Now we have millions to pay each year and that’s just the interest.

Labour hopes to win the May elections. Our money will never be safe with Labour. Good in opposition, but not good at running the business of Sheffield for the people of Sheffield.

The Lib-Dems have done more in a few years in power than Labour did in 30 years.

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