Vandals must be caught

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THOSE responsible for breaking a safety glass panel on the block of flats where Ryaheen Banimuslem fell to her death have blood on their hands.

That is the stark consequence of their vandalism - if vandalism is shown to be the reason why the glass was smashed.

Residents at the block of flats on North Bank, off The Wicker, have reported seeing youths throwing bricks at the glass barriers lining the balcony 60 feet above the ground. And those barriers have been smashed on a number of occasions.

There will be questions, too, asked of the building’s owners about the level of maintenance, surveillance and speed with which repairs are carried out.

They say their maintenance teams were notified glass panels were smashed on June 14 and they were replaced that same day.

And there were no reports of any broken panels this Monday. Some time between then and Wednesday evening when the tragedy happened, the glass panel was broken again.

We will have to leave it to the investigation to find out when that was reported and the response speed of the building’s owner.

They clearly have a responsibility for the safety of the building, but they are not to blame for the vandalism.

That act of mindless stupidity has cost a young girl her life and her family incomprehensible heartache.

Nothing will bring back Ryaheen.

But the family and residents in the flats will be owed a full disclosure of the results of the investigation. And we can only hope that there will be CCTV footage that will help identify the vandals responsible and they will be brought to justice.

End of the road for this blackspot

AT last, safety work has begun at one of the worst accident blackspots in this county, Todwick crossroads.

It has taken more than 30 years of lobbying and during this time too many have died at this spot.

But £14.7 million will create a dual carriageway on the A57 which should improve road safety by reducing congestion.

This improvement has been needed for decades. The crossroads was a road safety issue in the 1980s, when the traffic flow was much smaller than it is now.

So we are pleased to see the work start and hope that a wider road leading up to and away from the crossroads helps smooth the traffic flow.

Let us hope it’s RIP to the Todwick accident blackspot.