Vandalism of healthy tree

What possible reason can Sheffield Council and Amey have had for destroying this perfectly healthy tree in the Rivelin Valley other than fulfilling a contract to fell a certain number of trees?

Tuesday, 3rd April 2018, 7:29 am
Updated Tuesday, 3rd April 2018, 7:31 am
healthy tree in the Rivelin Valley

Someone ought to be prosecuted for this vandalism.

Howard Crossley

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I remember voting

Once again Terry Palmer tries to tell us that the EU Parliament is unelected yet I distinctly remember voting in an election on this very matter.

He suggests that those dissatisfied with life under Brexit should move out of the UK.

Yet as a Brexiteer he has endured living here for the past 40 years under EU rules without doing us all the favour of emigrating himself.

He states that remainers will have the opportunity to move to 27 other countries but who says they will be allowed in?

Many of our key workers such as doctors and nurses are leaving now while the going is good and they are already sorely missed.


by email

Move by the council

Call me cynical but it is amazing how the Labour council has halted the tree felling in Sheffield for a period of time.

Strange that these elections should fought on this issues and the City of Sanctuary and the rise in street violent crimes that is likely to be a direct link to this unconsulted move by the council.



Birch Avenue NHS home

I am shocked to learn that some of Sheffield’s most vulnerable residents are being threatened with eviction from the only place they feel safe and can call home by local NHS funders, Sheffield Care Commissioning Group.

For the last few years we have been visiting an old friend who has Alzheimer’s and is a resident at a wonderful NHS home in Birch Avenue. Before that he was moved several times and his levels of anxiety and confusion increased each time, causing stress and upset to friends and relatives as well as the patient himself.

But at Birch Avenue, in a home purpose-built and staffed to fulfil the duty of care and safeguarding to which the CCG is supposedly committed, he has seemed calm and settled. He greets the lovely staff as old friends and it obviously now feels like home to him. It IS his home and as visitors we too are always made to feel welcome and secure in the knowledge that he is well-looked after by people who understand his needs.

None of us wish to end our days in an institution, but if we must, then Birch Avenue is the sort of purpose- built home one would wish for. They should be building MORE such places, not moving people out of their homes in order to create more beds.

Where are these elderly, frail, confused men and women, who cannot be properly looked after and supported in homes of their own, supposed to go?

Penny Allen


Marvellous gesture

Please can I thank publicly a group of Irish girls, who, having been to a St Patrick’s weekend were waiting for at least an hour in a bitterly cold taxi queue.

When we were seven places from getting a taxi, the taxis were becoming very infrequent.

Without a thought for themselves, they fetched me a chair and commandeered a taxi for me.

I was so grateful and was home very quickly, whereas they lost their place.

It was a marvellous gesture and very much appreciated by me.

Ruth Bird


New homes on Boyle St

I’ll bet there will be a queue a mile long, with people wanting to buy one of the 250 private homes to be built amid the accommodation for 650 students planned for Hoyle Street.

Good luck with that one.

I think I’ll give it a miss.

T Walker


Leeds good Sheffield bad

In The Star on Thursday, March 22, you were writing about the number of people who attend concerts at the Arena compared to other cities.

You stated that Sheffield is the fifth biggest city in England, when in fact it is the fourth.

Seeing as your parent paper is the Yorkshire Post, I expected nothing different.

Look Leeds, (Look North), and Calendar Leeds, (Calendar), always show everything that is wrong in Yorkshire and straight away focus in on Sheffield.

Loads of things happen in Sheffield that are good if you read The Star, but for something trivial that happens in Leeds people are straight on the sofa to be interviewed.

A lot of my friends do not even watch these programmes now because they are so biased.

Leeds must have the most perfect residents in the whole of the country because all the bad stuff comes from Sheffield and all the good stuff comes from Leeds.

I wonder if other people have got the same thoughts as me?

Stuart Varley


Footpaths and cyclists

Have I missed an addition to the Highway Code regarding cyclists?

Because apparently they can use any footpath as a cycle path these days.

In the past week I have had four very near misses involving cyclists while using footpaths in my area.

Any remonstrations about the near misses are met with four-letter tirades from the cyclists.

Stephen Swift