Valerie’s sitting pretty at last

ACTION DESK.....Pictured is Valerie Lewis-Williams at home with her Mum Nellie in Chantrey Road,Woodseats,who are in dispute with Homebase
ACTION DESK.....Pictured is Valerie Lewis-Williams at home with her Mum Nellie in Chantrey Road,Woodseats,who are in dispute with Homebase
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SOMEONE got a bit too excited, it seems.

Valerie Lewis-Williams was in Homebase when a salesman ran up to her saying: “Have you seen this offer? You can’t miss this!”

So she had a look – and it was indeed unmissable.

The £600 price on a two-seater leather sofa was crossed out. A discounted price of £280 was crossed out too – and handwritten underneath was £118.99.

Meanwhile, a leather armchair was twice reduced from £480 to £240, to a mere £101.99.

Unbelievable deals like that don’t happen every day, so Valerie splashed the cash and had two of each.

She paid a total of £450.91 including delivery – a saving of more than £1,700.

Valerie, aged 59, of Chantrey Road, Woodseats, left her local Homebase feeling very happy – but it wasn’t to last.

Two days later she got a call from head office demanding an extra £250 or the order would be cancelled. Incensed she rang Action Desk.

She said: “The salesman said they’d sold five in an hour-and-a-half. I’m not surprised!

“But when head office rang they said it was a mistake and it wasn’t their fault. Well it wasn’t my fault – I just want the furniture at the price I paid for it.”

REST easy Valerie – Homebase has thrown in the towel.

A spokesman said: “We can confirm that due to human error, the Aston sofa range was incorrectly priced. We have corrected the price and sincerely apologise for this genuine mistake.

“We are aware that we have created confusion over the deals and as a result we will be honouring the price Ms Lewis-Williams paid for the sofas and armchairs.

“Homebase will also be contacting the customer directly to discuss a suitable day and time for delivery.

“We are reviewing our processes to ensure that this will not happen again and would like to reassure customers that we are committed to putting them and their interests first.”

n Phil Glaves of Sheffield Trading Standards said if the deal was already done, the store would, in most cases, have to accept the loss.

He added: “The essential bits of any contract are: offer, acceptance, payment and performance. What seems to be missing here is the delivery (performance), which puts the company in breach of contract.

“Whilst the customer can’t force the store to deliver the goods, there is a claim for damages if he or she has to buy the sofa (or similar) from elsewhere costing more money.

“It all depends on how far into the contract buyer and seller are. If it’s a case of making an offer for something with the wrong price, the store doesn’t have to agree to sell at that price and can refuse the buyer’s offer. It’s what’s commonly referred to as ‘invitation to treat’.

“At the end of the day, the party with the strongest hand will be the one that has possession of the furniture.”

If you are in dispute with Homebase over a bargain contact Action Desk on 0114 2521307.