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Many thanks for your captioned cinema listings featured in Friday’s What’s On pages. This is a very useful reference for deaf and hard of hearing people to see what is available at their local cinema.

I and many friends have used this to plan our cinema visits. Many thanks again, may it long continue.

Arthur Watson, local resident

Let me help you to lose weight

As a personal trainer specialising in cases as featured in your article, A fat lot of good (Feb 27), I’m surprised the findings aren’t more shocking.

The causes of obesity are many and every case has its own circumstances. However every time I come across an obese person I can’t help think society has failed this person.

All too often it’s easy to point the finger – and that compounds the problem. Very often people don’t know what to do. It’s far from as simple as exercise more and eat less.

Society needs to take a holistic view of this complex problem: let’s get more children walking or cycling to school. It never ceases to amaze how little exercise they do in schools (I am not blaming the teachers, their hands are tied).

There are things people can do on an individual level. My three favourites are standing on one leg whenever possible as that burns off a lot of calories. Don’t eat after 9pm (so long as you aren’t diabetic) and one hour before going to bed drink a pint of ice cold water – the body will produce heat and burn off calories in the process.

If anyone would like a free guide please email me on giving your name and address and I will send a copy free of charge.

James Bond, Personal Trainer

Illegal auction?

when Sheffield council auctioned off leasehold land in 2004 they did not ask residents if they wanted first refusal, as they should under the Landlord and Tenant Act, 1987. I am 80 years old, in god’s wisdom. I hope to resolve this before my number is called. I have written to and met local MPs and councillors, to no avail. I think this case is a poison chalice to them as they all evade the truth. If the council did contravene the Landlord and Tenant Act, does this make the auctions illegal?

KP Westnidge, Rivelin Valley Road, S6